Monday, 1 April 2013

Formatting is not performed just in hard drive but also applicable to memory cards. When we need free space or want to get rid of infections and corrupt files, we normally format our memory card. Whenever data is not available, memory card is formatted even in that situation. The factor of formatting the card cannot affect the recovery. If right software is used with its proper method, then data recovery is a easy job.
It is not prohibitive to completely avoid the formatting of memory card. Sometimes it shows assistive, Whenever you format your memory card. Nevertheless, it is optimal that before format keep your data in some other media storage like USB drive or external drive. Your information is stored in different places in your memory card. When the memory card is formatted or data is erased, the information in these areas are marked as available for future use while other data is allowed to overwrite the information. So your data can be replaced by the new information and therefore you will lose the old data from your memory card.
If the existing information is overwritten by new information, then it is tough to recover the overwritten information. Every software doesn't really get success to get back your overwritten files. However, if you lost some data, then avoid your memory card from further utilization and setup an ideal recovery application to get your damaged information off your memory card. Nowadays many software programs are available that can quickly recover information from memory card. Alot of file types can be retrieved by these software packages. Also, demo versions of those applications are also available and you can get from the company's web page of the manufacturers.

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