Monday, 25 August 2014

Unformat Hard Drive

It is not that Complicated to Unformat Hard Drive as you Imagine!

These days the majority of the individuals are having a desire to understand how to unformat hard drive after formatting it. Primarily, bringing back the formatted hard disk to its previous state is known as unformatting. Anyway, unformatting could possibly be done through DOS. But, you should have awareness in regards to unformatting before carrying it out. In case it is manageable then do place a mirror drive partition before doing unformat. Another thing you must know is, do not install any kind of software system or save any new files on the disk that was formatted.

Well application installations or saving information on the drive that was formatted would overwrite new files on the top of old ones. Anyway you don’t have to carry out something special to do an unformat. While performing the unformat hard drive process you should take out the formatted disk drive and connect it to a stable pc having a stable Operating System. Besides you could complete the unformat function by making use of these two ways.

•    By executing the dos command of ‘unformat’.
•    Or by executing a command of ‘recover’.

How to Unformat Hard drive process is shown here;

UNFORMAT drive: [/J]
UNFORMAT drive: [/U] [/L] [/TEST] [/P]

Where, the dos command ‘Drive:’ conveys about the certain drive on which the restored data would be saved.
/L: Shows the record of directories/subdirectories. But, if it is executed with ‘/Part N’ it only displays the tables of current drive partition.
/TEST: Conveys how the information is reconstructed on the hard drive without scratching disk drives formatting.
/P: Sends information to the printer attached to PLT1.
/PARTN: Partition tables of disk drives are restored through it.
/J: This command conveys that the mirror data files totally agree with the files that are saved on the drive.
/U: Performs unformat hard drive without involving ‘Mirror files’.

Well an individual, who possesses a technical awareness, can unformat hard drive quite conveniently but not a starter. But newbies can do one thing, they can employ any effective unformat tool to get it done. Additionally performing an unformatting of a drive doesn’t need patent or enhanced technology. These days there are many different utilities that are easily available to serve the same purpose; one of them is Undelete Program. Moreover, erased or lost drives partition could be unformatted by these programs in an improved and guaranteed manner.